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How to get into a Fitness Routine... if you've never exercised before

Starting a regular workout routine can be overwhelming and understandably so – there are so many fitness regimens and diets available these days, you just can’t decide which one is right for you, or how you should stay consistent with that routine. 

This can be especially challenging for someone who has just started exercising or has never exercised before.

Are you among those folks who are not sure where to start and how to diligently stick to a regular workout regimen?

While riding a bike, lifting weights, running or doing yoga are all great ways to get into a fit and healthy lifestyle, it’s important to understand the demands of each style of fitness. Even more important is to understand why you’re doing it, what your end goals are and what your current limitations are. 

Everyone needs to start “somewhere” and any movement is better than none!

Luckily, you’re not alone. But here’s the problem: thousands to probably millions of people avidly get into an exercise program, only to abandon it weeks or even days later.

Why does this happen? A lack of planning is one likely reason. Not defining goals clearly enough could be another. Some just can’t cope with the physical stress because they push themselves to hard to start with.

At the end of the day, this is what matters: a fitness program that works for you. A program that takes into account your body type, the daily routine you follow, your current lifestyle, etc. 

Naturally, you’d have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle, daily routine and nutrition in order to reap the most benefit from the exercise program – but you must start somewhere, and start NOW. 

How to overcome obstacles to consistency

One of the key problems when it comes to people not getting into the shape they want is a lack of consistency and follow-through. 

You start a new program with full-fledged enthusiasm, buying yourself a jar of whey protein and cutting down on the junk foods. But what happens halfway down the line? Why do we give up? Is it a lack of motivation or is our body simply telling us it won’t have any of that ‘exercise’ stuff?

One of the first things to help you remain consistent so you will see the results you’re after – is to understand why your mind and body needs regular exercise:

  • Improving mood, quality of sleep and energy levels

  • Higher confidence and self-esteem levels

  • Relief from stress, anxiety and depression

  • Stronger bones, ligaments and tendons means you can do the stuff you like with ease

And countless other reasons. 

Next, you want to make it a habit. If you can download and religiously watch that Netflix series every weekend, why can’t you workout a few times each week on time? Counsel yourself from time to time about why you’re doing this. 

In fact, how about you talk to us, so that we can understand your fitness demands and tailor an exercise program just for you?

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