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Nutritional Plan Ethos

At Project Fitness and Nutrition, we offer nutritional plans and advice from our Bromley fitness studio, aimed at giving our clients the best ways to lose weight and keep it off. We also provide diet plans and nutritional advice to those looking to gain mass in the healthiest ways possible so that everyone who comes to our fitness studio in Bromley has access to the best nutritional advice for them.

We’ll take into account your circumstances and your goals before building the best diet plan for you specifically, and we’ll always give you the facts as we see them. Below, we’ve curated a simple guide to some of the pitfalls that trap people looking to diet, just to give you a little taste of how we can help you with your next diet. In the end, it’s about consistency, so make sure to come to our Bromley team for help on how to develop habits and keep to them!

If you're not ready to start training one to one with George, we also offer a personalised nutritional plan, bespoke to you and your needs for a one off fee of £150

Private Personal Training Studio


Sometimes it's necessary to count calories it's an Excellent way of understanding food energy value however our Nutrition plan focuses on portion control to begin the process of a lifestyle change.

The easiest way is to make sure we're not piling up your plates

25% lean protein

25% complicated carbohydrates

all the non starchy fibrous vegetables you can eat.



limiting food choices

Fortified foods

Processed fruits and vegetables

Cheap low quality vitamins and mineral supplements

Nutrition plan what to expect.



Pork loin, prawns, fresh eggs, skinless chicken breast, cottage cheese Greek yoghurt, beans, peas and lentils, Satan ,white fish, Oily fish, salmon tuna, Tempeh ,Turkey, Whey protein powder, Lean beef

We can work with the protein amounts that will suit your needs.


all you need to remember is that protein should make up 25 to 30% of your meals

CONTROL carbohydrates (only consume complicated nutritious dense carbohydrates)

Carbohydrates  are crucial for your energy levels - Energy our body thrives on. carbohydrates which our body turns into glycogen which fuel our muscles -  so don't avoid them

let's just make sure that they are high quality complex carbohydrates with high nutritional value - no more white flour overprocessed rubbish.

In tandem with protein 25 of 30% of your meals should be complex carbohydrates .


IMPROVE fats (only consume high quality fats with high nutritional value e.g. olive oil, coconut oil)

This may sound alien to most of us due to the current trend of this information, food industry advertising highlights food that is low in fat 95% fat free 90% less fat etc. Fats are also crucial to our bodies function - Vitamins A, D, E and K are transported and utilised in the presence of fat and subsequently do not have to be eaten everyday as you can store them in your body.

Eliminate refined sugar completely

If there was a villain behind the UK's obesity problem - refined sugar would be sitting in a big black chair stroking a white cat “I expect you to die, Mr bond” refined sugar is pure energy with very little nutritional content as they take it all out.


LAUGH at fad diets

You’ve heard of them all The Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, (Purely for weightloss) Ketogenic Diet, Paleo Diet, The Zone Diet, Dukan Diet, 5:2 Diet - All these diets actually work, I've even done some of these myself.

But with fad diets you will lose weight and usually extremely quickly in the beginning especially when your body adjusts to them – but like every nutritional plan your plateau old habits start falling back in and you regain the lost weight much faster than you the lost it.

DISCARD overprocessed, overly salty, high in sugar, high in fats, low in nutrition ready meals or premade frozen meals

(Including takeaways ) Immediately these foods are jam packed with the cheapest possible components and generally large amounts of refined sugar, fortified artificial flavourings and sweeteners. They are normally mass produced for a rock bottom price point (there are some exceptions of course)


AVOID alcohol 

Red Wine

Apart from the fact that it’s empty calories (red wine being the exception) Alcohol is void of any nutritional value of any consequence. When you start this nutritional plan you're probably think that just eating less is sufficient but actually you need to eat more nutritionally dense foods.    

All photos are included in nutrition plan and belong to project fitness nutrition


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